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Navigate life. All of it.

Health • Travel • Security • Wellness

Mobile-first solutions to help people live safer, healthier and all-around better lives.

Our comprehensive platform helps people navigate their health, safety, and personal well-being from a single vantage point. That’s 360 Navigation.

Duty of Care done right

From preparing individuals for travel abroad to offering health coaching at home, 360 Navigator provides individuals under your care with the information and support they need, whenever they need it.

Our solutions

Knowledge you can count on

The right answers are out there, but so are the wrong ones. 360 Navigator combines subject matter expertise, intuitive UX design, and exceptional customer service to sift through the noise and provide relevant and reliable answers to life’s important questions.

How we help

The power of integration

Our integrated web and mobile platform lets you customize your own look and feel, incorporate existing products and services, and bring it all together into a single, easy-to-use environment. 360 Navigator lets you deliver value the way you want to.

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“ Health Navigator provides our members easy access to a range of current and relevant topics. Integration with our systems was quick and easy. ”

Peter Pelech, Johnston Group

Our Clients

MSH International
Ingle International
C & C Insurance
UL Mutual
Urban Schools
Sigma Loyalty Group
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Our Solutions

Health Navigator

Maintain and Boost Health with Health Navigator

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Travel Navigator

Manage Risk and Deliver Peace of Mind with Travel Navigator

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Crisis Check

Provide Security Assistance Worldwide with Security Navigator

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Wellness Navigator

Offer Everyday Support with Wellness Navigator

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