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Health Navigator is Bringing Virtual Care to its Members

Health Wellness Company News

At Health Navigator, making quality health care accessible to all Canadians is part of our mandate—which is why we’re so excited about the latest development on the horizon: virtual care.

In today’s digital age, virtual care is becoming an important strategy to help Canadians receive the best possible health care service. The ability to remotely connect to health care providers is not just convenient for fitting appointments into your busy schedule—it’s also a key removal of barriers for Canadians with disabilities or those in rural communities who have difficulty accessing health care. And for the many Canadians without a regular family doctor, virtual care access can spare them a long wait at a walk-in clinic or an unnecessary trip to the emergency room.

We’ve been hard at work consulting with the country’s biggest virtual care providers in order to add a virtual care offering to the Health Navigator suite of services. This service will allow our clients to provide their members with 24/7 access to health care professionals, including doctors, nurses, and nurse practitioners.

Other benefits of the service will include:

  • Canada-wide coverage in both English and French
  • A variety of service levels with flexible pricing models to choose from
  • Prescriptions, including optional delivery services
  • Specialist services and referrals, including counselling and lab referrals
  • The option to provide a report of the virtual consultation to the patient’s family physician
  • Post-consultation digital patient notes
  • Apps for both Android and iOS devices

With a variety of service levels that can be tailored to each of our clients’ needs, this new offering will help them make health care more accessible to their members than ever.


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