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Health Navigator Is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Traditional Employee Assistance Programs

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After comparing themselves to the industry standard, Health Navigator has found they’re approximately 75% more affordable than a traditional EAP.

“It all has to do with our technology,” says Pamela Kwiatkowski, Senior VP of Distribution and Client Experience. “Our platform’s scalability means we can more easily charge low rates per member per month.”

In the eyes of Health Navigator’s CEO Robin Ingle, savings is just the beginning. Health Navigator offers not only a more affordable, but more engaging and growth-oriented solution.

“We like to think of our initial cost-effectiveness as a bonus,” says Ingle. “The real value lies in what our digital platform adds to basic health management: a better user experience, improved health outcomes, and more positive relationships between our clients and their members in the long run.”

A Better User Experience

A platform fit for 2019, Health Navigator’s main appeal is its “integration capability,” a technological advantage that makes the experience better for users and organizations alike. Clients are able to unify their existing health management programs and services into a single, seamless, easy-to-use web and mobile destination and customize it to meet their specific health management and marketing goals.

Between strong UX design and a ‘single location’ convenience factor, Health Navigator is extremely sticky to users. “Centralized, customized and branded through and through. It’s no wonder our clients are happy with the results”, adds Ingle.  The intuitive interface allows clients to keep users in their digital environment for greater upsell opportunities. Our easy-to-navigate platform experience creates an ease-of-purchase for the user. The ease of the purchase prompts them to return for other needs and additional product purchases.

Engineered for Growth

A centralized digital ecosystem doesn’t just translate to more straightforward health management: it also helps insurers create a marketplace for adjacent products and services. A unified location makes it easier to offer the right service to the right person at the right time. Health Navigator makes cross-selling smart, simple, and effective.

“Conservatively speaking, clients can earn an additional 10-20% revenue by engaging with their members through these destination portals,” notes Kwiatkowski.

Improved Health Outcomes

More than a centralized platform or “one-stop shop,” it’s also what’s inside Health Navigator that counts. Between medically vetted content libraries, medical second opinion programs for mental and physical health, personal health assessments and coaching services, there are a lot of tools for users to benefit from. And the result is increased cost-effectiveness.

“In terms of the bottom line, Health Navigator isn’t just more affordable up front,” says Ingle. “You also save in the long run, because our personalized content and effective interactive tools translate to improved health outcomes and reduced claim costs.”

Changing the Conversation

Despite Health Navigator’s demonstrable cost-effectiveness, ask anyone inside their walls and they’ll tell you their number one value is deeper.

“Health Navigator represents a paradigm shift in how companies think about providing care,” says Kwiatkowski. “By putting relevant and reliable health information in the hands of the user, our mission is to empower people to become informed and active champions of their own health.”

“At the end of the day, it’s really quite simple,” says Ingle. “Health care can be complicated, so when you help people make sense of health care quickly and easily, they appreciate that.”

Built on a model of proactive health, Health Navigator is about changing the conversation between organizations and those under their care toward a more positive education. Rather than wait until people fall ill, Health Navigator helps organizations take steps upfront to lend a hand, navigate through health issues and show they care.

Our biggest clients understand the emotional benefit of our offering,” says Kwiatkowski. “Personal health hits really close to home, and organizations that are able to become a trusted source of health care information, navigation and support form stronger connections with their members and teams, and build trust. That’s the greatest value of all.”

About Health Navigator

Health Navigator is a global leader in health navigation. We deliver personalized support, reputable information, and health-related services in a single destination, using technology to help individuals make informed health decisions. In doing so, we create value for our partners while improving their members’ and customers’ health and well-being.

Additional Health Navigator Features and Services

  • Health information for over 200 national and international destinations to extend your “Duty of Care”
  • Access to telephone support from qualified health care professionals
  • Analytics to better understand your audience and drive effective programming
  • Health Coaching Services from Registered Nurses
  • Medical Second Opinion, for those with a serious or life-threatening condition, from Canadian and international academic medical centres of excellence

One digital health platform—unlimited content. Full member/employee care for physical and mental health at less than $1 per person. Get started with your customized health solution today.


For more information, visit Health Navigator. You can also contact Pamela Kwiatkowski, VP of Client Experience and Distribution, at 1-800-294-8011, or at