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Member Travel Just Got Smarter

Take the worry out of travel with Travel Navigator™.

Travel Navigator™ provides members with the medical, security and travel resources they need—before, during and after their trip.

A Travel-Size Mobile App

A comprehensive mobile application, Travel Navigator™ provides relevant destination information to travellers, keeping them safe and healthy while travelling.

Prioritizing Informed Travel

Travelling, whether locally or internationally, can be a stressful experience. Travel Navigator™ gives individuals the information and support they need to travel safely, securely and with ease.

The Power of Integration

An integration hub that fills your technology gap, Travel Navigator™ lets you digitize, update, and integrate existing programs onto a single, comprehensive platform.

Travel safe. Travel well.

Not just for emergencies, Travel Navigator™ equips users with the day-to-day essentials they need to travel efficiently, enjoyably, and with ease across over 250 countries and major cities.

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