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Everyday Health Made Easy

Make good health a way of life.

Wellness Navigator gives your members the tools they need to boost their mental and physical well-being and live healthier lives—every day.

Mobile-First Wellness

An easy-to-use mobile and web application, Wellness Navigator provides actionable health information, coaching tools and online questionnaires to improve well-being among your members.

Increase Productivity

Help your members be the most effective they can be. Boost team performance by engaging with individuals early, often and effectively and offering everyday tools to meet their needs.

One Single Destination

A powerful engagement, programming and cross-selling tool, Wellness Navigator™ seamlessly integrates your existing health and wellness services, onto a single, comprehensive platform.

Wellness that Works

Wellness Navigator combines relevant everyday health content, smart mobile UX design, and a powerful technology platform to drive wellness like no one else.

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